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My Cooking Box is a package that contains all you need to easily recreate one of the recipes of the Italian tradition at your place. The ingredients are all Made in Italy and long-life, so that you can cook whenever you want and with no waste.

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Immortalized and made famous by Alberto Sordi in the film "An American in Rome", spaghetti with tomato sauce is the emblem of the Italian culinary tradition, it is the dish that most of all represents our cuisine abroad, the Mediterranean diet and our love for the table.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce puts everyone in agreement and unites: it is Sunday family lunch with mom's fresh sauce, it is impromptu dinner with friends at home, it is the easy and tasty solution after a long day at work.

Its simplicity is the key to its success but sometimes it is so difficult to be simple ... we at My Cooking Box have therefore thought of helping you: from a collaboration with Eataly, so the Spaghetto al pomodoro was born, a box in which you will find exactly the recipe reproduced most iconic of the restaurants in the chain, symbol of Italian excellence in the world.

Few ingredients, all of the highest quality such as rigorously bronze-drawn pasta or whole red datterino juice, all exactly dosed respecting the indications of one of the best Eataly chefs and the perfect dish is served!

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