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What is My Cooking Box?

My Cooking Box is a package that contains all you need to easily recreate one of the recipes of the Italian tradition at your place. The ingredients are all Made in Italy and long-life, so that you can cook whenever you want and with no waste.

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Surprise the ones you love with one of our dishes, created by our Chefs!

What’s new

Enjoy the flavors and aromas of the Campania region this Christmas: do not miss the new My Cooking Box with Mezzi paccheri of Gragnano, tuna, yellow tomato, olives and capers in the brand new two-portion format!

A recipe that can make you experience the traditions of the Amalfi coast and to warm up the cold winter days through the taste of the Mediterranean flavors.

The recipe was designed by Chef Roberto Proto, awarded with a Michelin star for his great ability to re-invent the traditions of his region of origin, Campania, in a modern way.

Customize your gift: choose between a playful and "winterish" box or a more a classic and elegant, depending on your needs, giving a moment of taste and conviviality to the ones you love!

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