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My Cooking Box is a package that contains all you need to easily recreate one of the recipes of the Italian tradition at your place. The ingredients are all Made in Italy and long-life, so that you can cook whenever you want and with no waste.

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Many people think that the big Italian metropolitan city, Milan, only represents the flagship for fashion, music and for the fact of being always being updated with the newest trends. The truth is that the second most important italian city also represents the symbol of one of the typical dishes of the Italian cuisine in the world: the saffron risotto (also called "Milanese").

There are a thousand of variations: those who prefer it in combination with different types of meat, those who prefer to savor it in its purity, with no particular additions. Our gourmet version (launched during Tutto Food 2019, and conceived by Chef Emanuele Poli) offers a combination with an unmistakable flavour: whipped with our Grana Padano cream, it will amaze even the most traditional palates.

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